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Direct mail can take many forms, from a newsletter or an individual letter to an expensive mailing involving spectacular elements and hundreds of techniques in between. Tailor the program to fit with your all-important objectives. Don’t confuse mail order techniques used to sell magazine subscriptions with programs designed to sell $40,000 machinery. Each is (or should be) designed to take advantage of market, product, recipient and other factors, including goals and marketing objectives along with the specific situation(s) involved.


There are many elements of direct mail which cause it to be misunderstood and become ineffective. Direct mail is not a catch-all medium which can be used by anyone in any form. Unfortunately, many people believe that you just put something in an envelope and mail it. To add to this, there are hundreds of companies which do this under the guise of being a professional organization. Hence, the abundance of amateurs who recklessly abuse the scientific and controlled aspects of the medium both in outside firms and within corporations themselves.

The facts remain, however, that designed, prepared, executed, and analyzed properly, DIRECT MAIL CAN BE ONE OF THE MOST EFFECTIVE TOOLS AVAILABLE TO TODAY’S MARKETER. Its boundaries seem limitless, its potential undaunted, and its effects can be spectacular. Professionally prepared direct mail / direct response should be included to some extent in almost every marketing budget as a method to sup-plement sales efforts and increase bottom line profits.

We hope this message has enlightened you to some of the potential uses of direct mail and has provided a clearer understanding of this medium. If you wish to receive more information or be notified of updates on this topic, please E-mail us.

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