We need professional photographers to photograph preschools and daycares for us in MI, IL, IN, OH, PA, Northern KY, Northern WV; other areas given consideration depending on population and photographers desire. The job is easy, the money great and you can have fun too.



Cover your entire state or 1/2 of the state. The more territory you cover the more money you will make.
• No selling at all, what-so-ever, NONE.
• We book customers, supply film, backgrounds etc. You simply show up and photograph to our specifications and return the film to us at our expense.
• Earn $2.25 per child to start $2.50 per child second year or $15 per hour total time whichever works out to the most for you. (We figure it both ways) Average $21 to $32 per hour depending on how fast you are and how old the children are.
• If the situation requires overnight stay (very rare) we provide payment for modest hotel and $15 dinner fee.
• All tolls are reimbursed as well as 15 cents per mile driven.


You must have at a minimum a quality 35mm camera with 28-85 (detachable) lens or similar (used for class photographs only), a tripod and an on-camera flash and a posing stool.
• We provide: portable background stand, medium format camera with 220 back, 2 strobe lights, backgrounds, all film, location booking.


You do not process or provide any film, we take care of it all. You are required to attend a 1 day training session that is unpaid.


This is an excellent opportunity for a freelance photographer, sports photographer or studio who wants to generate extra income. Earn $5,000--$9,000 extra per year during the months of September through December and February through May. Bookings are as needed, never weekend work and you always know a minimum of 3 weeks ahead of schedule.


If you are able to provide your own medium format equipment, strobes you will earn $. 50 more per hour.

For more information or questions, please email us.

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