The Manual that will make you money.

If you own your own studio or make your money from freelance photography, then this manual is for you.

Open a huge and profitable photographic market without ever making a personal sales call. No telemarketing either. Learn first hand exactly how to do everything--from just starting out to building more business than you can possibly handle. Learn the exact systems used to earn over $35,000 in one month. Use the information right out of 2-1/2 inch thick manual or adapt it for your own personal needs.

Often people wonder "Well why would you tell others how to do what you do to make money, why don’t you just do it all for yourself"? The answer is quite simple. Finding photographers who are reliable and can follow instructions by doing things the way we want them done and not the way they want to do them is very hard indeed. Everyone thinks they know better, therefore we find it hard to hire photographers, and we can’t do all the preschools and daycares by ourselves. Some schools also want services or packages that we don’t offer. Another reason is that some schools are too small for us to photograph, or too far or we just don’t care for them. Everyone is different and some schools don’t care for our photographers either. No harm done. You can make tons of money if your willing to work, even if y
ou come from the areas in which we operate. There is plenty of business to go around.

Research Facts:
The preschool/daycare market is among one of the two top markets headed for growth and expansion according to Eastman Kodak research–because:
• Working parents need a place to send their younger children.
•Todays parents are concerned about the social benefits that can be gained from early education.
• Many states are considering making these (preschools) a mandatory part of education.
• Parents desire a photograph of their child's "first" school exposure for remembrance.


No Pie In The Sky Theories--

Pure proven details on How-to-do-it! can't just jump into this business. It's a special market and you need guidance in order to be successful. Guidance from an expert.


With the complete manual : “How To Photograph Preschools and Daycares” you will learn how to expand your business profits with an exciting and fulfilling photographic service.

This manual started out as a way to train our photographers and then expanded to a complete “how to manual.” Designed for easy learning and based on a successful business with 16 years service it contains everything you need to know. Check out "Preschool Photography" on our main web site to get a better idea of what kind of information this manual will provide to you.

We've all seen it, information that will only work if you are a born salesman or esoteric details that only tell how to photograph in a specific manner but not how to market it (without selling).

Well, how would you like to open a huge and profitable photographic market for yourself without ever making a personal sales call. No telemarketing either. In fact, no selling at all. Even better, how would you like to learn first hand, exactly how to do everything--from just starting out to building more business than you can possibly handle?


“How To Photograph Preschools & Daycares” is a complete in-depth manual that provides everything you need to know to be successful.

• How to get started in this lucrative business.
• How to avoid the common pitfalls.
• What preschools are looking for in a photographer.
• Proven techniques for handling the kids.
• Equipment needed (you most likely have most of it already).
• How to photograph the kids and classes and keep track of them.
• How to schedule/book schools.
• How to promote your business without being a salesman.
• Proven tips to increase package sales and dollar volume.
• Handling complaints and problems.
• Packaging and pricing with actual examples of our set-ups.
• How to set-up the equipment for the best results.
and much much more.

Take a look at some of our
manual's contents:

  • Suggested materials and equipment
  • Different types of school photography programs
  • Getting business without selling
  • Handling complaints and problems
  • Increasing profits and building business
  • How to set-up
  • Dealing with the kids and photographing them
  • How to code for package printing
  • Sample forms and much more


Just photographing one school will completely pay for the cost of this informative manual and more, even if the school is tiny. That’s how much profit is involved for you to tap.

Order “How to Photograph Preschools and Daycares” for only $89 plus $12 shipping and handling (or $30.00 shipping/handling for two day delivery {it is a book afterall} Overnight delivery is not available because it costs us $63. which is ridiculous).If you should have any questions, please contact our office or email us. Orders outside USA add 25% payable in U.S. funds.
To order “How to Photograph Preschools and Daycares” send a bankcheck or moneyorder or include your Mastercard or Visa card information by email, mail, fax or phone. Be sure to include your card number, expiration date, signature (if by mail).


Guarantee, you must agree that the manual “How to Photograph Preschools and Daycares” is all that we say it is or return it within 3 days for a refund of purchase price less shipping/handling.


Support--when you purchase the manual email support is available if needed. Email us with any questions regarding the manual or techniques involved that you may have and we will provide the answer. You may get up to 3 personal answers at no cost in order to help you get started.

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