––In your home - SITTING FEES––
   Two types of photography: In-studio and In-home.
   Standard Sitting Fee: In-studio $65 In-home $85
   (some locations are more ie...industrial)
   High Key background (white): In-studio $85 In-home $100
   DreamMaker Portraits--In-studio $135 In-home $155 (both
   plus props if need, items quoted.)
   Second photo session within 8 months 20% OFF sitting fees.
   Both include up to 24 exposures.
   Proofs may be purchased for $3 each or all free with purchase
   of $150 of photos.
   Proofs provided are 3x5, 4x5, 5x5 or 4x6, our choice unless requested prior    
   to photo session. Slide projection proofs are
   available at an additional charge of $15 per roll. Proofs may be
   placed on internet for preview for an additional charge of $3
   per photo. The proofs are prepared quickly and are not color
   balanced and do not reflect the quality of the professional
   photo finishing your finished photographs will have.
   Retouching of glass glare, blemishes etc. is available by quote.
   We can not provide an estimate until the finished proof is
   available for review.
   ––Guarantee of Satisfaction––
   Your satisfaction is guaranteed or we reshoot for free. If you are 
   not happy with what we have done for you and it is our fault, we
   will reshoot for free. If you are not happy because of something
   (unflattering smile etc.) not under our control we will reshoot
   for 1/2 price.

	All prices are subject to change, please contact us for current listings.