An Up-to-date resume is an important tool for every professional. Your resume should be kept current constantly. The purpose of a resume is to provide a prospective employer with a candidate’s qualifications and review easily and quickly. For this reason your resume should be highly organized and set up to emphasize your main qualifications.

General styles of resumes vary but the purpose is to arrange information pertinent your skills and the position you are seeking.

A professional resume should be no more than one or two pages long. Some personnel directors require one page resumes but overall two page resumes are usually more successful. There is a sample that will pop up in a separate window and a duplicate sample at the end of this document to help you.

A resume should include the following information:

1. Your name. (See Sample 1)

2. Your complete address, phone number and EMail address. You may include two addresses if you will be moving soon after your resume is prepared or you travel frequently. Include all information in your address to make it easy for the employer to contact you. (See Sample 2)

3. Job Objective or Qualified by information. Provide the prospective employer with a quick overview of what you have done or the type of employment you are seeking. (See Sample 3)

4. Education: Include when and where you went to school, what degree(s) you have earned or by what date you will earn them. List the schools you have attended in reverse chronological order with the most recent school first. If you are a new graduate, education will be a most important qualification. Enhance your educational information with your educational achievements by listing courses or projects you have been associated with. List classes not by course title such as Math 308 rather by the topic of the class “Advanced Electrical Mathematics”. (See Sample 4)

5. Your Experience: Include information on your work history. List work history in reverse chronological order. For each entry, provide the dates of employment, your job title, name and address of the employer, and your duties and responsibilities. Provide descriptions that enhance your special talents and achievements. Include information as to the number of personnel supervised. (See Sample 5)

6. Academic and employment references. Provide titles, names, business address, phone numbers for three work supervisors or instructors who have agreed to serve as references for you. (See Sample 6)

7. Provide information as to the date the resume was prepared at the end of the resume so the prospective employer knows the resume is current. (See Sample 7)

A resume may also contain other information such as:

A. Military experience. Include information as to the branch of the Armed Forces you served in. Include dates of service, highest rank achieved, date and type of discharge, duties and responsibilities and number of personnel supervised. (See Sample A)

B. Publications/Published Work: If you have any published articles, stories, poems, provide a list of the publications by using a standard bibliographic entry form. (See Sample B)

C. Extracurricular activities, hobbies and interests. If these interests show initiative, leadership, or the aptitude needed for the kind of work you are seeking, they should be included. (See Sample C)

D. Memberships. Provide information on any professional associations you may belong that are relevant. Other social or service memberships should be included if they provide information as to your leadership skills. (See Sample D)

What not to put in a resume.

1A. Personal information such as height, weight, age, sex, or marital status unless the position for which you are applying specifically requires it.

2B. A photography unless the job for which you are applying specifically requires it.

3C. Personal references from relatives, neighbors, doctors, religious members should not be included. These may be listed on the job application form.



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