Shutter speed is the amount of time the shutter stays open. The purpose of the shutter is to control the motion in the photograph ie... stop action or blurred action.

Aperture (F-Stops) The F in F-Stops stand for focal. The higher the number of the F-stop, the greater the depth of field.

The best lens size for portraiture with a 35mm camera is between 85--105 with 105 being preferred. (Europeans usually use around a 70mm lens because they usually make portraits closer up). The best lens for medium (2-1/4) format camera portraits is 150.


Cheap diffusion lenses make the photo look out of focus rather than diffused. For a home made diffusion filter you can spray a small amount of hair spray on a clear filter (test the results to make sure you get the effect you want before shooting important subjects). The smaller the F stop ie... (F2.8 or F4) the more the diffusion shows on the finished photo.

Use different view points, that is, change camera position to get different views of the same subject.